• The Barret technologies WAM Arm is a highly dexterous backdrivable manipulator. The only arm sold in the world with direct-drive capability supported by transparent dynamics between the motors and joints, so its joint-torque control is unmatched.
  • The WAM Arm is available in two main configurations, 4-degree-of-freedom and 7-degree-of-freedom, both with human like kinematics. Internally protected channels allow the user to pass electric lines and fiber optics required for custom end-effectors and sensors.
  • The joints for Barret are highly backdrivable, true dynamic controls can be applied, resulting in much higher performance than is achievable with conventional manipulators. The high back driveablity also allows for inherent force-control, hybrid control, and teleoperation.
  • WAM Arm is the idealplatform for implementing Whole-Arm Manipulation (WAM) for control techniques and high-precision trajectory control

    Below is a picture of the Barret :

  • Visit the research section of our site to find out more about the present research with the Barret.

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