IMI 2-Link Flexible Joint Robot

  • The IMI direct drive planar manipulator was built to serve the research community by providing a means of verifying torque-level control strategies.
  • Consists of the base and elbow links which are actuated by NSK Megatorque motors RS1410 and RS0608, respectively.
  • Original hardware has been modified to provide a testbed for flexible-joint experiments
  • Makes use of a Pentium Pro 266MHz running QNX real-time operating system, two NSK torque controlled amplifiers, and two IMI DS-2 encoder interface boards utilized in conjunction with two NSK resolver/encoders to measure actuator position (In the flexible-joint configuration two Gurley encoders measure the difference between motor and link positions).

    Below is a picture of the Flexible Joint Robot:

  • Visit the research section of our site to find out more about the present research with flexible joint IMI 2-Link Arm

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