Magnetic Levitation Apparatus - MAGLEV

  • The Magnetic Levitation Apparatus Model 730 can be directly applied to AMB research. The project creates real-time algorithms using QNX, a real - time operating system, for linear control of non-linear magnetic field created by the high flux coils.
  • The project has 1. Hardwiring a +/- 12V power supply and an operational amplifier circuit. 2. laser sensors 3. C code to O/P voltage to MLD
  • AMB's have numerous advantages over typical mechanical bearing like they are not subject to frictional losses, can be used to compensate for rotor unbalance, and eliminate contamination associated with lubricants and frictional wear.
  • Below is a picture of the Magnetic Levitation Device :

  • Visit the research section of our site to find out more about the present research with the MAGLEV.

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