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Pan Tilt Unit Dual Puma Arms Webcam Machine Shop
Magnetic Bearing Flexible Rotor Flexible Joint Staubli
Maglev Barrett Hand Barrett K2A Mobile Robot Active Friction Compensation
  • The Robotics laboratory features eight workstations and is equipped to investigate the full spectrum of control issues. The experiments cover everything from material handling to controlling high speed magnetic bearings.

  • Equipment for investigation of magnetic bearing uses :

    • Auto-Balancing, Flexible Shaft System
    • High Speed Magnetic Bearing

  • Equipment for investigating low-level control problems ( such as joint-flexibility or actuator dynamics ) include :

    • 2-link IMI direct-drive robot ( with modifications to perform flexible joint experiments ).

  • Equipment for investigation of high-level robot movements ( such as disassembly operations) include :

    • Dual PUMA 560 Robots
    • K2A Mobile Robot
    • Barrett
    • Staubli
    • Adept

  • Equipment for investigation of material/thread handling include :

    • Automation for Fabric Handling

  • Equipment for stabling vibrations :

    • Auto-Balancing, Flexible Shaft System

  • Equipment in robotics laboratory to support robot control experiments :

    • 3 SUN Workstations.
    • 3 Silicon Graphics Workstations.
    • 14 PCs (10 Pentium 400MHz, 4 Pentiium 166 MHz all running QNX/RT Linux/Win NT/ Linux, real-time operating system)
    • Milling Machine, Lathe, Handtools, Bandsaw etc.

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