Backstepping Boundary Control for Noise Reduction in Finite Ducts


The objective of this experiment is to cancel acoustic disturbances generated by a loudspeaker at one end of a large diameter pipe. 

In this paper, we develop a boundary controller to actively cancel acoustic disturbance in an enclosed duct of finite length using a loudspeaker. Given a distributed parameter acoustic model and the actuator electrical dynamics at the boundary, Lyapunov-type arguments are used to design a model-based boundary control law that asymptotically regulates the noise with no control applied to that achieved by the proposed active noise cancellation algorithm. 

The Experimental Setup

For this experiment, two loudspeakers are used (one on either side of the duct).
  • The duct is a 10 feet long 16 inch outside diameter PVC pipe.
  • The feedback data is generated using a microphone inside the duct and a laser to measure the cone displacement.

the experimental setup

Experimental Setup and Results

Experimental Setup

Frequency Response

Time Response

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