Investigation of the Magnetic Levitation Apparatus

Background :

The active magnetic bearing (AMB) is a non-contact means of supporting a rotating member such as a motor or pump shaft. That is, an AMB system can be used as a substitute for standard mechanical contact supports, such as rollers or ball bearings. AMB's have numerous advantages over typical mechanical bearings in that AMB's i) are not subject to frictional losses, ii) can be used to compensate for rotor unbalance, and iii) eliminate contamination associated with lubricants and frictional wear. Applications of large gap AMB research include but are not limited to electric motors/generators, gasoline/diesel engines, pumps, and fans.

Abstract :

The Magnetic Levitation Apparatus Model 730 pictured below incorporates many principles that can be be directly applied to AMB research. The goal of my project is to create real-time algorithms using QNX, a real time operating system, for linear control of the nonlinear magnetic field created by the high flux coils. A PD control will provide closed loop levitation of the magnet by tracking the laser feedback provided by the Magnetic Levitation Device. This project will require: i) hardwiring a +-12V power supply and an operational amplifier circuit ii) initial testing to ensure proper operation of the top and bottom laser sensors iii) coding -- modifyiing previous C code to output voltage to the Magnetic Levitation Device while accuratley reading the height of the magnet.

Experimental Results :

  • Results will be available soon!!!
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