The Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Congratulations to Goldwater Scholarship recipients

Via CoES Earnest - Each year, colleges and universities throughout the United States may nominate 4 sophomores or juniors for the Goldwater Scholarship. This year, two College of Engineering and Science students won the Goldwater scholarship and two have received Honorable Mention. This adds to the success in the Goldwater by Clemson students—in the past 5 years, 13 Clemson students have won a Goldwater and 5 more have been named Honorable Mention. This is a wonderful achievement for our students and all the faculty members who worked with them on research and scholarship mentoring.

This year’s winners are Marc Andre Schaeuble and Benjamin Ujcich.  Benjamin is a sophomore Computer Engineering Major who researched with Kuang-Ching Wang and has also conducted research with Varavut Limpasuvan at Costal Carolina. Marc is a junior Physics major who researched with Sean Brittain, Jeremy King, and Jens Oberheide.

The two students who received Honorable Mention are Joel Clingempeel and Julie Robinson. Joel is a Junior, Mathematical Sciences major who researched with Hiran Maharaj. Julie is a Sophomore, Chemical Engineering major who researched with Scott Husson and Christopher Kitchens.

Members of the Clemson Nominating Committee: Peter Barnes, Lisa Benson, Saara Dewalt, John Gowdy, Scott Husson, Doug Shier, Kerry Smith, and Modi Wetzler. These professors put in many hours reviewing the 13 applications we received this year seeking nomination, selecting our nominees, and mentoring our 4 nominees for more than a month of revising, rethinking, and polishing their applications. They deserve a great amount of credit and gratitude.