The Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Gowdy wins Leadership and Service Award

John GowdyCongratulations to Dr. John Gowdy, who was awarded the College of Engineering and Science’s 2012 Gulari Leadership and Service Award at the year-end CoES Faculty Meeting. This award is intended to recognize CoES faculty who make a selfless commitment of time and effort to undertake leadership and service roles to contribute to the advancement of the university, their profession, and society.

In addition to being a productive researcher and effective instructor, Dr. Gowdy serves as the Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Assessment Coordinator for the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Each year he organizes and oversees the collection and evaluation of assessment data from 18 ECE courses, surveys taken from exiting seniors, alumni, the departmental advisory board, Co-op employers, recruiters, and FE Exam performance data.

After collecting, reformatting, and summarizing all of this assessment data, he generates two annual reports, one for electrical engineering and another for computer engineering.

During the Fall 2011 ABET visit, both Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering received the best possible reviews (no deficiencies, no weaknesses, no concerns, and no observations). Dr. Gowdy wrote the Self Study Reports for both Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering and organized all preparations for the ABET visit.

That successful departmental review was due in no small part to his commitment to thoroughly understanding the ABET process by becoming an ABET Program Evaluator (PEV) himself, which involved two days of training and making a commitment to serve annually as an ABET Program Evaluator at other schools.

Dr. Gowdy has also served in leadership positions outside the university, having been involved in several capacities with the Southeastern Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association, the Southeastern Center for Electrical Engineering Education, and IEEE.