The Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Ambassadors

Venkataraman GaneshName: Venkataraman Ganesh
Hometown: Chennai, India
Degree Program: Electrical Engineering - Intelligent Systems

Campus Involvement and Interests: Controls and Robotics, Computer Vision and Mechatronics. Interests outside the sphere of academics include Poetry, Drama and Motorcycles.

Why I chose the Electrical Engineering program at Clemson: My undergraduate major being Mechatronics, I’d had the opportunity to explore concepts of both Mechanical Engineering and ECE. Upon exploring the research opportunities at Clemson ECE, I found that the Intelligent Systems program not only offers the scope to explore the applications of Mechatronics, but also provides a favorable work environment to achieve my professional goals.

William KolodzeyName: William Kolodzey
Hometown: Landenberg, PA
Degree program: Intelligent Systems

Campus Involvement and Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Scheduling, Game Theory, Efficiency, Teaching, and the Clemson Fencing Club

Why I chose the Computer Engineering program at Clemson: Sometimes it feels like the Computer Engineering graduate program at Clemson chose me. Even though my undergraduate degree was not in the same field, I felt welcomed by the open-minded faculty and students. I wasn’t sure in what direction I wanted to take my research, so I was fortunate to find several professors working in fields related to my interests. My site visit sealed the deal. Besides the lovely oak trees and nearby mountains, I found that Clemson has a close-knit community and a conveniently centralized campus, both of which are rare in a highly-ranked university.

Surya SharmaName: Surya Sharma
Hometown:  Mumbai, India
Degree program:  Electrical Engineering - Intelligent Systems

Campus Involvement and Interests: I love bringing multiple disciplines together and making learning more fun. (Who said Arts and Science can't go together?) I like photography and I am currently working my way up to being a better photographer (so that our work can be documented more fashionably). When I have time, I spend time on Do-It-Yourself Electronics (Toys that fly!), Robotics, Image Processing and pretty much everything else that needs me to break something apart and then fix it.

Why I chose the Electrical Engineering program at Clemson: Clemson's Intelligent Systems focus brings multiple disciplines together, which fits right in with my interests. Courses like Architecture Robotics bring new engineering visions to reality, in tandem with art and style. I picked Clemson because I found two of the coolest toys to work on, Quadrotors and the Octarm. Don't let the word "Intelligent Systems" fool you, there's more than Electronics here.