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Minory Nammouz

Minory NammouzLecturer
332A Brackett
Clemson, SC 29634
864.656.1041 FAX

Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction with emphasis on science education, 2005, Clemson University
M.Ed. Secondary Science Education, 2002, Clemson University
B.A. Chemistry, 1998, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

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Faculty Overview

Minory Nammouz's research and teaching interests are to study how students learn science, develop methods to improve students' learning, and develop physical science courses for elementary education majors.

Class Information

For current syllabi, please search the Clemson University Syllabus Respository.

PHSC 1070 Introduction to Earth Science
PHSC 1080 Introduction to Physical Science
PHSC 1170 Introduction to Chemistry and Earth Science for Elementary Education Majors
PHSC 1180 Introduction to Physics, Astronomy and Earth Science for Elementary Education Majors

Selected Publications

Cooper M. M., Cox C., Nammouz M., Case E. (2008). An assessment of the effect of collaborative groups on students’ problem-solving strategies and abilities. Journal of Chemical Education. 85, 866-871.

Cooper M. M., Stevens R. H., Cox C., Nammouz M., Case E. (2004). Probabilities and Predictions: Modeling the development of scientific competence, proceedings of the 228th ACS National Meeting. Presented at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, 2004.

Cox C., Cooper M.M., Nammouz M., Stevens R.H. Study on the effectiveness of interventions to improve problem solving ability in general chemistry students, proceedings of the 231st ACS National Meeting. Presented at the ACS National Meeting in Georgia, 2006.

ammouz M. (2005), A study of the effects that grouping laboratory partners based on logical thinking abilities have on their problem solving strategies in a general chemistry course, Doctoral Dissertation.


Secondary Science Teaching Certificate for SC

Chemistry Teaching Certificate for Israeli High Schools