Industrial Engineering

Kurz Joins IE Faculty - September 2001

 Dr. KurzDr. Mary Beth Kurz, who recently completed her doctoral program in systems and industrial engineering at University of Arizona, joined the industrial engineering faculty at Clemson this fall. Dr. Kurz has bachelor's and masters degrees in systems engineering from University of Arizona.

Dr. Kurz works in the areas of heuristic scheduling of manufacturing systems and mathematical modeling in scheduling problems. She completed her dissertation under the direction of Dr. Ronald G. Askin, who is well known in industrial engineering and operations research for his research. She and Dr. Askin have several papers published on scheduling in flexible flow lines.

In addition to bringing this new dimension to modeling in the department, Dr. Kurz becomes the second woman engineer to hold a full-time faculty position in the department. Dr. Bevlee A. Watford, who served on the faculty from 1985 to 1990, is now associate dean of engineering at Virginia Tech. Her addition to the diversity of the faculty is welcomed and valued by students and faculty alike.


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