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Dr. Maria Mayorga wins NIH Award for Population Study

- September 28, 2009

Maria Mayorga, an assistant professor in industrial engineering has won a three year monetary award from the National Institutes of Health to conduct her research on prenatal health as affecting population health as a whole.

Her study concentrates on obesity and diabetes as they increasingly affect women of childbearing age. She proposes that if the obese and diabetic intrauterine environments are substantially contributing to these epidemics, not only will their prevalence continue to increase across all populations, but populations with a high prevalence of obesity and diabetes will continue to be disproportionately affected, resulting in a perpetual widening of health disparities between racial and ethnic groups.

The research is innovative in that the team leaders consist of a systems engineer and an epidemiologist who propose to use a systems engineering approach (simulation) to conduct research that goes beyond what is feasible in epidemiologic studies.

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