Industrial Engineering

 IE Department welcomes Dr. A. Joy Rodriguez

- September 06, 2011

    Dr. A. Joy RodriguezDr. Joy Rodriguez’s primary research interests are in sociotechnical and human factors engineering. She applies both quantitative and qualitative research methods to understand how healthcare providers prioritize and adapt their tasks, anticipate, problem-solve, manage, and recover from work systems that may not support their cognitive or physical work needs. Through extensive observations and interviews conducted as parts of federal (AHRQ, NIH) and private (RWJF) funded grants, she developed an interest in how nurses engage in interruptions to provide safe and quality patient care and manage problematic system designs. Interruptions in healthcare are very complex. Dr. Rodriguez is working on changing the way researchers think about interruptions in healthcare. From a micro-, purely cognitive, level perspective, interruptions can be detrimental to the performance of the primary task, however, those same interruptions when viewed from a macro-, systems, level perspective may be necessary for the successful function of one or more parts of the healthcare system, in fact they could be considered mechanisms of resilience for a system. It is important to understand when and why interruptions in healthcare are occurring in the first place in order to design interruption interventions that support healthcare provider’s workflow and promote patient safety.

Beyond her research interests, Dr. Rodriguez enjoys teaching. She has experience teaching Human Factors and Occupational Safety and Health courses. She looks forward to teaching IE 430/630: Introduction to Healthcare Systems Engineering and IE 210: Design and Analysis of Work Systems.


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