Industrial Engineering

 IE Department welcomes Dr. Amin Khademi

- August 15, 2013

    Dr. Amin KhademiDr. Khademi’s primary research interest is in applied and theoretical Operations Research. In particular, his focus has been on modeling health care problems by Markov decision processes and solving them via approximate dynamic programming. For instance, he has been working on HIV epidemic control under resource constraints. Treatment is the major intervention in deriving the progression and epidemic. Finding the optimal treatment allocation strategy is extremely difficult due to multiple trade-offs that decision makers should take into account. He developed a mathematical framework to find the optimal allocation policy when resources are limited. The solution to this problem informs policy makers how to prioritize patients, according to their characteristics, in assigning treatment. In addition, the results shed light on the role behavior and health progression play in prioritizing treatment initiation and termination. Also, he has developed simulation models that help decision makers predict the outcomes of different policies in HIV care and treatment. Beyond his research interests, Dr. Khademi enjoys teaching. He has experience teaching IE 2800- Methods in Operations Research I. He looks forward to teaching Stochastic Optimization.


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