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Asoori, Pavan K.

E-Mail: asoorip@aol.com

Class: ‘95 (MS)

Baker, "Jody" Joseph

Email: jody.baker@beneteauusa.com

Class: '98 (BS)

Comments: I have been living in Marion, SC and working for Beneteau USA and serve as the quality manager of the state side operations of this French sailboat manufacturer.

Ball, Eric B.

E-Mail: eric.ball@Hoffman-Hoffman.com

Class: May ‘96

Comments: Sales Engineer-HVAC Controls; Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc.; Greensboro, NC.

Bapat, Vivek

E-mail: vrbapat@software.rockwell.com

Class: '91 (MS)

Comments: I am a marketing manager for Arena simulation software products for Rockwell Automation (formerly Systems Modeling) in Pittsburgh.

Barker, Jason

E-mail: jason.barker@us.bosch.com

Class: '98 (BS)

Comments: I am currently a Senior Engineer at Robert Bosch in Charleston, SC.  At this facility, i have focused on Logistics (internal and external) and Lean Manufacturing in the plant and within our supply base.

Berkovich, Charlie

E-mail: slq1916@yahoo.com

Class: '69 & '72

Biendicho, Roberto

E-mail: rbiendicho@chiquita.com

Class: '88 (BS)

Comments: Currently working with Chiquita Brands International (the banana producer) in Panama as a materials supervisor. I am now married and have two beautiful kids.

Bowen, Anthony Janine

E-Mail: janineb@us.ibm.com

Class: ‘89 (BS), ‘91(MS)

Bubba Willis- Albert Eugene Willis, Jr.

E-mail: willism@nu-z.net

Class: '51 (BS)

Comments: Living in Washington, GA and would like for Chuck Bolanger '50 to get in contact with me, who is one of my friends and classmates when I played football at Clemson.

Buzzell, Chris

E-mail: cbuzzell@cooperwiringdevices.com

Class: ’00 (BS)

Comments: I am working for Cooper Wiring Devices in New York City.

Caldwell, Lawrence J.

E-mail: lcaldwell14@comcast.net

Class: '87 (BS)

Comments: Currently living in Medford Lakes, NJ.

Campbell, Mike

E-mail: m1campbell@lucent.com

Class: ' 87 (BS)

Comments: I am currently working for Lucent Technologies in Cary, NC as a software engineer.

Celin, Mauricio R.

E-Mail: mcelin@col2.telecom.com.co

Class: ‘87(BS), ‘89(MS)

Comments: This is an update. I'm currently Marketing Director for Banco de Occidente, married with two beautiful children.

Charlow, Dawn

E- Mail: dawnc@batelnet.bs

Class: ‘90 (BS)

Cheatham, Michael

E- Mail: cmichaelcheatham@gmail.com

Class: ‘09 (BS)

Cheng, Xingang

E- Mail: xcheng_2000@yahoo.com

Class: ‘99 (PhD.)

Comments: I am currently working for Norfolk Southern Corporation, Virginia-based holding company who owns a major freight railroad, Norfolk Southern Railway Company. I am living in Alpharetta, just a few miles north of Atlanta, GA.

Clark, Kevin J.

E-Mail: kjc224@yahoo.com

Class: ‘91 (MS)

Clemens, Byers Jennifer

E-Mail: Deputy228@aol.com

Class: ‘96

Comments: Since college, I have gotten married, worked at UPS and Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC, and bought a house. At UPS I was an industrial engineer, and I created Access Databases, did time studies/work measurement, projected staffing and volume, and operations improvement. Currently, I am a methods analyst of BCBS, and I basically have the same job responsibilities that I did at UPS.

Columbus, Matthews Kelly

E-mail: kelly.columbus@ps.ge.com

Class: '98 (BS)

Comments: I am a project for General Electric. I have been married for 3 years to an ME from Clemson.

Commerson, Tracy

E-mail: tracy_commerson@premierinc.com

Class: ’98 (BS)

Comments: I am a senior consultant at Premier, Inc. in Charlotte, NC. I do operations consulting and database installation in hospitals across the U.S.

Corley, Adam

E-mail: corleya8@yahoo.com

Class: ’04 (BS)

D'Souza, Melroy E.

E-mail: melroyd@yahoo.com

Class: '93 (MS), '96 (PhD)

Comments: I am working as a principal human factors engineer for Gateway Computer at Orange County in S. California.

Davis, Phillip

E-mail: phillip_davis@irco.com

Class: '97 (BS)

Comments: I am currently on the Leadership Development Program with Ingersoll-Rand working as a sourcing consultant for our Strategic Sourcing group.


Dharwada, Pallavi

E-mail: Pallavi.Dharwada@Honeywell.com

Class: '05 (Ph.D)



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