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Ivaturi, Subbarao

E-mail: sivaturi@cisco.com

Class: '95 (MS)

Comments: I'm living in San Jose, CA working for Cisco Systems as a senior user-centered design engineer.

Jackson, Marcus

E-mail: marcus.jackson@fluor.com

Class: '09 (M.Eng.)

Jordan, Scott

Class: ‘94

Comments: Department Manager - Cable Twisting and Continuous Heatsetting Lees Carpets Division Burlington Industries Glasgow, Virginia Current Residence : Lexington, Virginia.

Kaufman, Jillian

E-mail: jillian@us.ibm.com

Class: ‘98 (MS)

Comments: I'm working as a Human Factors Engineer at IBM in Raleigh.

Keener, Brandon

E-mail: bkeener@delavangt.bfg.com

Class: ‘97 (BS)

Comments: I am a Value Stream Director for Goodrich Corporation. My team develops, manufactures, and markets fuel systems and components for aerospace gas turbine engines.

Khot, Ashish

E-mail: akhot@hotmail.com

Class: ‘98 (MS)

Kirschman, Spelina Jill

E-mail: jill.kirschman@bentley.com

Class: '98 (MS)

Comments: I am currently working as a software engineer at Bentley Systems, Inc.

Koenig, Scott

E-mail: scott@koenigconstruction.com

Class: '97 (MS)

Comments: Hey there - I live in Charleston now - have been building really big homes on the coast since graduation. I also volunteer on the gulf coast of Mississippi a lot in the wake of Katrina. Have an awesome wife and 3 awesome kids!!!

Lambert, Jacqueline Fowler

E-mail: jfowler@ups.com

Class: '03 (BS)

Lewis, Daniel

E-mail: dalewis@pfgc.com

Class: '09 (BS)

Lewis, Elisa Dixon

E-mail: dixone1@yahoo.com

Class: '97 (BS)

Comments: Since graduating from Clemson, I've received a Masters in IE from RPI. I also worked for IBM for 8 years, and Qimonda (Infineon Technologies) for the past 3 years. I am also married, and the mother of two daughters.


Liebhold, Valerie S.

E-mail: liebholds@prodigy.net

Class: ‘99 (MS)

Comments: A brief hello to all of those who may still be in Clemson. Enjoy the IE department and the weather while you still can. Trust me, Indiana is much cooler...

Lorinovich, Chris

E-mail: clorino16@cs.com

Class: ‘94 (BS)

Comments: After graduating, hired by Square D company in Seneca, SC. Worked as a technical Representative for 2.5 years, and moved into Field Sales In West Palm Beach, FL. Spent 3 Representative years in Field sales, and accepted a promotion to Regional Marketing in Nashville TN. Please keep me up to date with any activities that come up. Thanks.



Categorized by Last Names

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