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Madduri, Kumar

E-mail: madduri@yahoo.com

Class: ’97 (MS)

Comments: I enjoyed working with Dr.Cho and Dr.Leonard. Currently working with for Oracle Corporation.

McCoy, Faulkner Melissa

E-mail: melissa.mccoy@edi.gatech.edu

Class: ‘89 (BS)

Comments: Upon graduation, I accepted a job with Freudenberg-NOK (a tier I automotive supplier) in GA. I met my husband there. We were then transferred to the corporate headquarters in MI. I then worked for Chrysler Corp. After returning to GA in 1996, I went to work for GA Tech. I have spent most of my career consulting on Mfg. Systems Improvements. After the first of the year I will be joining McKinsey & Company as a Mfg. Specialist based out of Atlanta.

McDonald, (Tom) Thomas

E-mail: thmcdona@vt.edu

Class: ‘98 (MS)

Comments: I received a BS in 1995. I am currently pursuing my PhD at Virginia Tech.

McLeland, George Nickles III "Lee"

E-mail: gnickle@isye.gatech.edu

Class: ’99 (MS)

Comments: Also BS 1997 and original member of the A-Team. I am currently a PhD student in the school of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech. Got married in summer, 1999. Hello to all those IE's I know!

Meghashym, Gopinath

E-mail: gopinath.meghashyam@intel.com

Class: ‘95 (MS)

Moore, Leland

E-mail: moorelw@juno.com

Class: ‘97 (BS)

Comments: I have been working at there Dillards Department Stores Distribution Center in Salisbury NC. Unlike most college graduates I am using the knowledge I learned while at Clemson. We have a performance based incentive program here so I do time studies once in a while. I had a crash course in Multiple Variable time studies when I arrived here but understand it fully now. To my Profs, thanks for the well rounded education.

Mullins, Madelyn

E-mail: madelym@hotmail.com

Class: '98 (BS)

Comments: I am pursuing a MBA at Carnegie Mellon University.

Munroe, Jamey

E-mail: j_munroe@yahoo.com

Class: '89 (BS)

Comments: Howdy from Dallas, TX where I am working in sales for optical startup Calient Networks. I am married and have a son. I also went to UNC-Chapel Hill full time for my MBA.

Murthy, Niranjan

E-mail: ninj@sprynet.com

Class: ‘90 (MS)

Owens, Mark

E-mail: cmowens1@home.com

Class: ‘86 (BS)

Parrott, Erica Mack

E-mail: ericammack@yahoo.com

Class: ‘04 (BS)

Pathak, Mandar

E-mail: pathakmr@yahoo.com

Class: ‘00 (BS)

Comments: I am working as product research engineer with PROS Revenue Management Inc., Houston, TX. I lead UI Design/Usability group and work on Interface design.

Pickren, James

E-mail: james.Pickren@alliedsignal.com

Class: ‘89 (BS)

Perry, Renee

E-mail: renee.perry@fluor.com

Class: 2009 (M.Eng.)

Ponce, Ximena

E-mail: xponce@ecnet.ec

Class: ‘96 (MS)

Comments: The experiences I had at Clemson University and at IE department, have been very useful for my career and personally as well. Thanks to Clemson

Powell, Jeff

E-mail: jspowel@juno.com

Class: ‘96 (BS)

Comments: Currently serving as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy stationed in Williamsburg, VA. I am the engineering officer for the U.S. Navy Cargo Handling Battalion

Puetter, Daniel

E-mail: Daniel.Puetter@andritz.com

Class: ‘09 (BS)

Comments: I ended up taking a job with a German company in the Upstate called Andritz Kuesters as a Sales Engineer, and we specialize in calendaring and finishing processes for the paper, nonwovens and textiles industries. I will be specifically assigned to the nonwovens side. A bit of a different direction from Industrial Engineering to say the least, but otherwise another great opportunity.


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