Industrial Engineering

Student Awards

A number of awards and other opportunities are offered both through the Department of Industrial Engineering, endowments and by agencies outside Clemson University.

The following endowments support student awards:

The Janine Anthony Bowen endowment
The Edwin J. Freeman endowment
The Karen and Carl R. Lindenmeyer endowment

Awards available for undergraduate and graduate students are listed below:

 IE Undergraduate Student Awards  Award Source
Academic Achievement Award - Senior Freeman endowment
Academic Achievement Award - Junior Freeman endowment
Academic Achievement Award - Sophomore Freeman endowment
Jim Chisman Outstanding Senior Award Freeman endowment
Outstanding Junior Award IE Department
Kimbler Undergraduate Research Award Freeman endowment
Lindenmeyer Leadership and Public Service Award Lindenmeyer endowment
Janine Anthony Bowen Undergraduate Scholars Bowen endowment
IIE Award of Excellence IE Department
Alpha Pi Mu Award IE Department


 IE Graduate Student Awards  Award Source
Janine Anthony Bowen Graduate Fellows Bowen endowment
Teaching Assistant IE Department
Research Assistant IE Department


All award winners are selected from information submitted by students using the Awards Application Form (MS Word Document) and the Student Information Form (PDF Document). Both the documents should be electronically submitted to the Awards Committee Chair, Dr. Scott Shappell (


Students wishing to be considered for IE Department, College, and external awards should submit Student Information Forms at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. Updates may be submitted at any time. Students who graduate in December must submit Student Information Forms before leaving campus to be considered for applicable awards in the spring semester.


Departmental awards are presented at the annual IE Recognition Dinner, held in conjunction with Honors and Awards Week each spring.


Recent IE Award Recipients




Junior Award
Jim Chisman Outstanding
Senior Award
Research Assistant
2011 Michael Cheatham Sean Whetsel Bryan W. Pearce & Ali Rez (Omid) Madadi Paul L. Geothals
2010 Nathaniel A. Curd Jennifer M. Tate Melissa Zelaya & Thashika Rupasinghe Paul Goethals
2009 Jennifer Marie Tate Mack G. Eubanks Thashika D. Rupasinghe Ashley K. Childers & Mark H. McElreath
2008 William Charlton, III Danielle N. Lanigan Thashika Rupasinghe Ramesh Arumugam
2007 Jaclyn D. Brenes & Danielle N. Lanigan Michelle Hatcher & Laura R. Young Michael W. Sawyer & Sajay Sadasivan Paris Stringfellow
2006 Laura Young William G. Eby Esengul Tayfur -
2005 Ashley Potts Jill A. Howard Jamison Kovach Funda Samanlioglu
2004 Jill A. Howard James R. Glenn Jr. Madhumohan G. Pallavi Dharwada
2003 Lisa Marie Light Kristin Kelley Madhumohan G. -
2002 Michelle Chang
Adrienne Park
Kunal Kapoor -
2001 Adrienne R. Park Brenton Meese
Xiaochun Jiang
2000 Casey X. Young Spencer M. Bernstein Amy G. Yuhasz Young Jin Kim


Academic Achievement Award - Sophomore
Academic Achievement
Award - Junior
Academic Achievement Award - Senior
Kimbler Undergraduate
Research Award
2011 Jacey R. Gombert Brian E. Jones Nathaniel A. Curd Rachael A. Bedosky
2010 Lauren Margaret Kaszak & Kyle Henry Lassiter Brian Edward Jones Whitney Rae Darby & Mary Beth McLeod & Joshua Stephen VonFange Matthew S. Colombo & Matthew T. Kepple & Jonathan R. Starnes & Jennifer M. Tate
2009 Brian Edward Jones & Nathaniel Adam Curd Joshua Paul Neal & Whitney Rae Darby Mary Beth McLeod Marissa N. Grubb & Lindsay K. Balint & Audrey M. Berger
2008 Jessica L. Shaffer Rahul Colin Karanth & Joshua Neal & Whitney R. Darby Anna Sparks James D. Banks & Jaclyn D. Brenes & Lindsey C. Daniels
2007 Jennifer M. Tate Anna B. Sparks Oliver Basic & Laura Young Lindsay Becker & Jaclyn Brenes & Michelle Hatcher
2006 Ashley M. O'Brien Sarah J. Grigg Christian M. Buchmann Lindsay M. Becker Jaclyn D. Brenes & Michelle Hatcher & Candice C. Hein & Matthew Johnson & Desiree Steinmann
2005 Sarah J. Grigg & Laura R. Young Ashley N. Potts Sarah A. Canterbury -
2004 Ashley N. Potts Sarah A. Canterbury Mary J. Runkle -
2003 Marisa Lee Kikendall Michael Gary Corley Samuel Alexander Long -
2002 Kerry McGuire James Glenn & Kristen Kelley Laura Mosher -
2001 Michael G. Corley & James R. Glenn, Jr. Laura C. Mosher Casey X. Young -
2000 Martie G. Hudson Catherine E. McClendon Spencer N. Bernstein -


Lindenmeyer Leadership and Public Service Award
IIE Award of Excellence
Alpha Pi Mu
2011 Rachael A. Bedosky Kalyn S. Kelly Sean Whetsel & Nathaniel Curd
2010 Joshua P. Neal - Whitney R. Darby & Mary Beth McLeod & Joshua S. Von Fange
2009 Marissa N. Grubb Danielle N. Lanigan Mary B. McLeod
2008 Valerie N. DeVera Timothy J. Kickham Anna Sparks
2007 Laura R. Young Aubrey E. Nilsen Laura Young & Oliver Basic
2006 Austin L. Graham Crystal N. Vickery Christian Buchmann
2005 Liam J. Cahalane - Sarah Canterbury
2004 - Christine Lamine Mary J. Runkle
2003 Jason McKinney Christine Lamine Samuel A. Long
2002 Rohini Bhargava Brenton Meese Laura Mosher
2001 Catherine McLendon Jason McKinney
Adrienne R. Park
Casey Young
2000 Kelley Grace Beltram John C. Sieverdes Carissa M. Miller


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