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Here are some video and audio clips, and text files, with comments from alumni and students about the Industrial Engineering program at Clemson, as well as come comments about industrial engineering in general.  (Quotes by "others" are taken from the May 1999 issue of IIE Solutions, the principal magazine of the Institute of Industrial Engineers)

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Logistics Management Specialist, US Navy
The best things about being an IE are flexibility and the ability to work in a broad field of jobs. We can perform work in manufacturing, operations research, ergonomics, safety, systems engineering, logistics and quality, to name some of them. With additional training for specific tasks, we can apply our core knowledge to create and improve processes, design systems, analyze and improve operations, and determine the support structure for fielding economic and supportable systems.


Industrial Engineer, Lancaster Colony Corp
The best thing about being and IE is that I can work to improve just about any area of my company, either alone or as a team.


Hub Industrial Engineer, RPS Inc.
As a teenager in Junior Achievement I was fascinated by the number of processes and areas that needed integration in order for companies to succeed. Someone recommended that I study industrial engineering. With a degree in industrial and systems engineering, I don't care what my job title might be because I find myself still working to understand interoperational areas and their control processes. I have the tools needed to accomplish process improvements in any area in which I might work.




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