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Selected Projects

We have selected some previous projects completed by the center to provide potential sponsors with both an idea of the scope of our projects as well as examples of the quality of solutions produced by our students.  We have provided examples of projects representing some of the categories as shown below.

Ergonomic Analysis

In the past, design teams have tackled a variety of safety and ergonomics projects designing innovative solutions to minimize the ergonomic risks.
The sample project reports provided here details the ergonomic analysis of an automotive assembly operation and presents the design for the final solution.

Sample Reports:
  • ABC Rearhatch Assembly Assistancedocument
  • Analysis of the Engine Head Installation Process at XYZ with a Focus on Ergonomic Risks and Material Storage and Deliverydocument




Simulation models can be used to study the behavior of processes before they are implemented. They have applications in optimizing and balancing processes, predicting bottlenecks, optimizing manpower utilization, designing process layouts etc. Design teams have used simulation as a tool in a variety of projects. The two reports presented here outline the use of simulation for setting up assembly lines in the automotive and healthcare manufacturing industry.

Sample Reports:

  • Piston Assembly Optimizationdocument
  • Design the Layout to Optimize Information and Material Flow for the Project Hawk Product Linedocument


Changeover Optimization

Changeover is a necessary non value added activity in most production plants ranging from automotive to textile manufacturing. Optimizing the changeover operation can reduce idle time in the production process and reduce costs.

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