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Dr. William G. Ferrell

Professor & Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Department of Industrial Engineering
200 Freeman Hall, Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0920

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Dr. William G. Ferrell


BA, Physics
Wake Forest University, 1977

MS, Nuclear Science and Engineering
Virginia Tech, 1979

PhD, Operations Research
North Carolina State University, 1989

Research Areas

Supply Chain Logistics, Applied Optimization, Multicriteria Optimization

Selected Publications

Ritvirool, A. and W. Ferrell, Jr. (2007). The effect on inventory of cooperation in single-vendor, single-buyer systems with quality considerations. International Journal of Operations Research 2(3) 338-356.
Raweewan, M and W. Ferrell, Jr. (2007). Game-Theoretic Approach for Partial Sharing of Information.  Proceeding of the 2007 IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing   Conference (IEEE APSCC 2007), Tsukuba Science City, Japan.

Haral, U., R-W Chen, W. Ferrell, Jr., M. Kurz (2007). Multiobjective single machine scheduling with nontraditional requirements. International Journal of Production Economics 106(2) 574-584.

Samanlioglu, F., W. Ferrell, and M. Kurz. (2008) A hybrid random-key genetic algorithm for a symmetric multi-objective traveling salesman problem. Computers and Industrial Engineering 55(2).

Raweewan, M and W. Ferrell, Jr. (2008). More on in information sharing between partners in a supply chain.  Proceeding of the 15th International Working Seminar on Production Economics, Innsbruck, Austria.

Devapriya, P. and W. Ferrell (2008). Increasing profits through superior distribution decisions, Proceedings of the 10th International Material Handling Research Colloquium (IMHRC 2008), Dortmund., Germany.

Erol, I. and W. Ferrell, Jr. Integrated approach to total quality management and just in time based purchasing: theory and a case analysis on a Turkish company, Computers and Industrial Engineering, in press.

Courses Taught

IE 456/656 Supply Chain Design
IE 804 Systems Manufacturing Planning and Design
IE 850 Introduction to Capital Projects Supply Chain

Professional Affiliations

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
Sigma Xi
Editorial Board, International Journal of Production Economics
Editorial Board, International Journal of Operations Research
Editorial Board, International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research
Area Editor, Computers and Industrial Engineering


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