Industrial Engineering

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)


This is a highly regarded, accredited graduate degree program, so students are expected to devote about 10+ hours each week to class work - time spent listening to lectures, reading and studying course materials, participating on discussion boards and in chat rooms, and completing homework assignments that are submitted for grading.

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The curriculum for the MEng program is comprised of 10, three-credit hour, graduate-level courses. Five of these classes contain core industrial engineering knowledge (IE 8510, IE 8520, IE 8530, IE 8540, IE 8570) while the other five classes focus on applications within the concentration area of the capital projects supply chain (IE 8500, IE 8550, MGT 8560, IE 8580, IE 8590).

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IE 8500 Introduction to Capital Projects Supply Chain
Introduction to the phases of capital projects and the design and control of the capital projects supply chain including the challenges associated with each of the primary roles - owners, contractors, suppliers.

IE 8510 Data Collection, Analysis and Interpretation
Methods for effectively working with data to extract and communicate meaningful information. Excel is the software tool used.

IE 8520 Modeling and Decision Making
Techniques for modeling real-world problems and solving them to facilitate better decision making. Excel is the software tool used.

IE 8530 Foundations of Quality
Discussions of selected topics from quality control, total quality management, and Six Sigma, especially those relating to supply chain analysis and improvement.

IE 8540 Fundamentals of Supply Chain and Logistics
Application of model building and analytical techniques in the design, optimization, and control of the supply chain and other logistics systems.

IE 8550 Capital Projects Supply Chain
Application of quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques in the design, control, management, and optimization of the capital projects supply chain.

MGT 8560 Business Fundamentals for Supply Chain Management
Principles and techniques of leadership, human resources management, financial management, marketing and economic analysis, particularly as they relate to the capital projects supply chain

IE 8570 Health, Safety and the Environment
A comprehensive look at the basics of environmental impacts and remediation programs and at the issues related to health and safety in construction, including reducing workplace injuries and implementing an effective safety management program.

IE 8580 Case Studies in Capital Projects Supply Chain
Integration of topics covered throughout the curriculum using a series of real-world case studies in capital projects.

IE 8590 Capstone Design Project
A capstone experience in industry requiring application of curriculum content to a real problem.


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