Industrial Engineering

MGT 8560: Business Fundamentals for Supply Chain Management

  • Dr. Mike Cole
  • Dr. Frances Kennedy
  • Dr. V. Sridharan

Principles and techniques of leadership, human resources management, financial management, marketing and economic analysis, particularly as they relate to the capital projects supply chain.

Goals of the course

This is a survey course of four sets of business processes – operations management, human resources management, accounting and supply chain management. The course provides practicing managers with an understanding of the basic processes used to manage a firm.  These include organization behavior, human resource practices, operations management, particularly lean operations and total quality management, lean accounting and supply chain management. 

The course explains how these business processes interact with other systems within the firm. It teaches how to use a set of basic tools to understand the processes and to understand how these processes interact within the firm.  By emphasizing basic theory the course concepts allow you to apply these concepts to a wide variety of services and industries.  

At the end of this course, the student should:

Understand how managers can use the operations function in their company to increase the value provided to their customer.

  • Be able to use process flow analysis tools to analyze current operations and identify areas for value improvement. They will recognize how bottlenecks influence operating processes and the ability of the firm to add value.
  • Be able to identify sources of variance in the operating processes and understand how this variance affects the firm’s ability to add value.
  • Understand how sequence dependence influences your firm's ability to add value.
  • Be able to explain the principles of lean production and how they apply to both manufacturing and services.Understand the basic principles of human resources management and the applicability of these principles to project management firmsUnderstand the basic principles of management accounting and how to perform management accounting to support lean operations.Understand the basic practices of supply chain management in a project industry and how to use the basic tools and techniques in their business.
Course Outline

Module 1: Human Resource Management

  • Performance
  • Performance Management
  • Progressive Discipline / Terminations
  • Stress
  • Stress/Personality
  • Personality
  • Workplace Violence/Conflict Management
  • Learning and Decision Making
  • Ability
  • Teams
  • Motivation
  • Incentives/compensation
  • Benefits/Disability
  • Labor Law/EEO

Module 2: Leadership

  • Ethics
  • Leadership Influence without authority
  • Organizational Culture
  • Diversity
  • Managing global projects
  • Management best practices

Module 3: Work Design for Continuous Improvement 

  • Organization Design
  • Lean / JIT Systems
  • Quality Systems
  • Quality Tools
  • Standard Problem Solving
  • Lean as improvement
  • Improvement Projects

Module 4: Accounting

  • Activities Based Costing
  • Lean Costing

Module 5: Contracting and Supply Chain

  • SC Coordination
  • Contracts
  • Revenue MGT
  • Supply Chain Metrics
  • Supplier Management
  • Supply Chain Strategy


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