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Advanced Quality Engineering Laboratory (AQEL)

The four major missions of the AQEL are education, scientific discovery, technology development, and transition to applications by conducting research to discover scientific knowledge and technological solutions that strengthen the leadership in a wide variety of areas of quality engineering.

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Dr. Byung Rae Cho

Research Domain

The current AQEL research falls into five broad categories.

  • Robust Design and Optimization 
  • Tolerance Design and Synthesis 
  • Process Target and Decision Making 
  • Design and Optimization in Pharmaceutical Formulations 
  • Military Operations Research 


PhD Advisees

Current Advisees

  • Lucy Aragon
  • Paul Goethals
  • Yang Yang
  • Melissa Zelaya

Former Advisees

  • Dr. Abdul Shaibu (PhD, 2009)
    Chief Bio-Statistician at the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee
    Dissertation: “Development of the Integrated Censored Robust-Tolerance Engineering Design Systems via Improved Response Surface Modeling”
  • Professor Jami Kovach (PhD, 2006)
    Assistant Professor of Information & Logistics Technology at University of Houston
    Dissertation: “Development of a Decision-Support Multi-disciplinary Robust Engineering System under Uncertainty”
  • Professor Sangmun Shin (PhD, 2004)
    Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Management Engineering at Inje University, South Korea
    Dissertation: “A new Paradigm for Integrated Bi-Objective Robust-Tolerance Design Modeling and Optimization”
  • Professor Madhumohan Govindaluri (PhD, 2004)
    Assistant Professor of Management at Ramapo College of New Jersey
    Dissertation: “Multicriteria Decision Support to Integrate Customer and Designer Preferences into Quality Improvement and Process Optimization”
  • Dr. Jaywan Kim (PhD, 2004)
    Korea Navy
    Dissertation: “Estimation of Ballistic Missile Parameters and Prediction of Missile Trajectories Using a Kalman Filter in Theater Missile Defense”
  • Professor Apichai Sopadang (PhD, 2002)
    Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at Chiang Mai University, Thailand
    Dissertation: “Synthesis of Product Family-Based Robust Design: Development and Analysis”
  • Professor Young Jin Kim (PhD, 2001)
    Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering at Mississippi State University
    Dissertation: “Design Optimization Issues in Off-line Quality Engineering Systems”
  • Professor Jirarat Teeraravaraprug (PhD, 2001)
    Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at Thammasat University, Thailand
    Dissertation: “Economic Design of Process Target for Multiple Quality Characteristics”
  • Professor Michael Phillips (PhD, 1998)
    Professor and Department Chair of Mathematical Sciences at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY
    Dissertation: “Nonlinear Optimization of Design Specifications for Multivariate Regions”


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