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The ELSRL provides a setting for the development, application, and evaluation of new industrial engineering curricula and delivery systems. Research performed in the laboratory evaluates the suitability of new curricula and delivery systems in a variety of academic environments.

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Dr. Mary E. Kurz


Department-Level Reform of Undergraduate Industrial Engineering Education: A New Paradigm for Curriculum Renewal , National Science Foundation (EEC-0229093).

M. S. Leonard, A. K. Gramopadhye, D. L. Kimbler, and M. E. Kurz

The objective of this project is the development of a new scalable and deployable industrial engineering baccalaureate-degree renewal model. This model has been designed to permit scaling up from an information technology kernel to a fully integrated industrial engineering undergraduate curriculum. The planning project includes assessments of the appropriateness and likely impact of the new model. The research has supported three masters-level students (two male and one female) and one undergraduate student (female). Various facets of this ongoing research have already been disseminated in two scholastic publications, and four professional society presentations.

Relevant Publications

Kimbler, D. L., Leonard, M. S., Kurz, M. E., Gramopadhye, A. K., McLendon, C. E., "The Roy Report as a Basis for Reform of the Industrial Engineering Baccalaureate Curriculum," Proceedings of the 2003 Industrial Engineering Research Conference, 5 pages, (2003)

Leonard, M. S., Gramopadhye, A. K., Kimbler, D. E., Kurz, M. E., Jacob, R. J., McLendon, C. E., and Regunath, S., "Department-Level Reform of Undergraduate Industrial Engineering Education: A New Paradigm for Engineering Curriculum Renewal," Proceedings of the 2003 American Society for Engineering Education Conference & Exposition, Session 2457, 7 pages (2003).


Leonard, M.S., Gramopadhye, A.K., Kimbler, D.L., Kurz, M.E., Jacob, R.J., Mullenix, J.B., Regunath, S., and Tangudu, S.K., "Application of the Industrial Engineering Curriculum Renewal Process to the Information Technology Core Curriculum Area of the Clemson University Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Curriculum," (2004). Click here (PDF file)



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