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Undergraduate Research

Note:  Students considering departmental honors should visit the Research Experiences for Honors Students page

Research is a process that seeks better solutions to existing problems though novel approaches, or uncovers solutions where none exist. Research experiences are guided by one or more faculty mentors, and will typically involve other undergraduate and graduate students.  These research experiences take place under the auspices of the University's Creative Inquiry initiative.  

This page is a gateway to a number of items related to undergraduate research:


What you will find

Creative Inquiry, IE Technical Requirement, IE 268 and Departmental Honors

Curricular details regarding undergraduate research; in particular, how to satisfy the IE Technical Requirement via a research experience  -  in BSIE Planning Guide


  • Grants


Honors Area


What was expected and what actually happened

Research Archives

  • Honors Theses and Research Reports

  • Other Research Artifacts

Honors theses; what others have done and what you might expect

Research Scrapbook

Features and photos documenting events of note


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