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Fall, 2013 Seminars are held every Friday from 2:30 - 3:30pm in the Rich Lab Auditorium.

Dr. Karanfil
Welcome Seminar
No seminar - First Friday
Sam Forrest
Safety Seminar (Mandatory)
Bob Winstead
Environmental, Safety, and Health Issues in the US Munitions Industry
Jan Comfort (CU, Libraries)
Making the Most of Library Resources
Ed Roehl (ADMi)
Advanced Data Mining Applications for Environmental Scientists and Engineers
Jennifer Ogle
Gerald Lehmacher (CU, Physics)
The Air in Between: Aeronomy Research at Clemson University
Bob Inglis
Caye Drapcho (CU, EEES)
Ilenia Battiato (CE, MechE)
Hybrid models of reactive transport in porous media
George Tchobonoglous
KAPPE LECTURE: Direct Potable Reuse: A Future Imperative
Ron Falta (CU, EEES)
Geologic Storage of CO2 for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Orlando Coronell
Kinetics & Mechanism of degradation of polyamide active layers
Robert Stone
Movie - Pandora's Promise
Departmental News & Announcements
Read all news in the Spring 2013 Alumni Newsletter.

The Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences undergraduate department is continuing renovations on campus.  Undergraduate services and faculty offices for Environmental Engineering, Biosystems Engineering and Geology are all now located in Brackett Hall.  If you are on campus, stop by 445 Brackett Hall to say hello to Cindy and Jessica!

In May, 31 undergraduate students and 7 graduate students completed their degrees.  The undergraduate majors especially are thriving.  Each degree, Environmental Engineering, Biosystems Engineering, and Geology programs are all emphasizing hands-on and experiential learning.  The practical aspect of each major is drawing in students, and the department expects to have over 200 undergraduate students in the fall.

The EEES department is excited to welcome two new faculty members in Biosystems Engineering in the fall. Drs. Christophe Darnault and Yi Zheng are exciting new additions to the program and we look forward to seeing their contribution to the growth of the programs.

Dr. Brian Powell has been awarded a DOE Early Career Research Program for the project "Examination of Actinide Chemistry at Solid-Water Interfaces to Support Advanced Actinide Separations."  This is a $750,000, 5-year award from the DOE Office of Science, Heavy Element Chemistry program.

Student News

We would like to extend a special CONGRATULATIONS to our recent graduates:  Biosystems Engineering: (BS) Leigh Allison, Lindsay Burton, Nick Cleveland, Kyle Corley, Sarah Galphin, Andy Gray, Richard Harvey, Olivia Jenkins, Austin Johnson, Scott McDonald, Kyle Mihaljevic, Lauren Owen, Heather Sprague, Taylor Wade, Cynthia Wesmoreland, (MS) David Morris: Environmental Engineering (BS) Joe Batts, Jessica Bush, Stephanie Carey, Kathryn Fauerby, Robbie Getsinger, Malcolm Glenn, Adam Grant, Erin Grubbs, Amanda Kunkle, Jackie Lauer, Kevin McIntyre, Zach Trammel; Geology: (BS)Alex Baldwin, Nick Bozzarello, Corey Buchanan, Alex Grayson and (BS) Molly Jane Lyles .  Environmental Engineering and Science (MS/PhD): Jonathan Ball, Satya Gubbala, Jin Guo, Richard Hall, Timothy Sattler, Minjie Zhou.

Recent Publications:

Ladner, D.A.; Bolyard S.C.; Apul, D.; Whelton, A.J. "Navigating the academic job search for environmental engineers: Guidance for job seekers and mentors." Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice 2013, 139, 211-217.

Yu, R., Peethambaram, H. S. Falta, R. W., Verce, M. F., Henderson, J. K., Bagwell, C. E., Brigmon, R. L., and Freedman, D. L.  “Kinetics of 1,2-Dichloroethane and 1,2-Dibromoethane Biodegradation in Anaerobic Enrichment Cultures.”  Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 79(4), 1359-1367 (2013). doi: 10.1128/AEM.02163-12. 

Darlington, R., Lehmicke, L., Andrachek, R. G., and Freedman, D. L.  “Anaerobic Abiotic Transformations of cis-1,2-Dichloroethene in Fractured Sandstone.”  Chemosphere, 90, 2226–2232 (2013) doi.org/10.1016/j.chemosphere.2012.09.084.

Hixon, A.E.; Arai, Y.; Powell, B.A., “Examination of the effect of alpha radiolysis of plutonium(V) sorption to quartz using multiple plutonium isotopes,” Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2013, DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2013.04.007.

Fein, J. and Powell, B. A., “Uranium adsorption: Speciation at Mineral-Water and bacterial cell-water interfaces”. Chapter 5 in Uranium: Cradle to Grave (Eds. Peter C. Burns, Ginger E. Sigmon) Mineralogical Association of Canada, 2013.

Dang, V. D.; Lee, C. M.; and Walters, D. M. 2013. “Assessing Ongoing Sources of Dissolved Phase Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in a Contaminated Stream.” Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 32(3):535-540.

Alumni News
Congrats to BE alumni Josh Oden (BS, '11) on his marriage to Sara Coleman on June 29th, 2013!
Congrats to Geology alumni Alex Baldwin (BS, '13), on his recent marriage to Hall Hunter!