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Welcome to the Electronics Research Group web page. 

      Electronics, fundamentally, involves the physics, chemistry, and materials science of charged particle motion in a semiconductor, gas, or vacuum.  The charged particles most often considered in modern electronics are electrons and holes; however, there are more exotic particles and quasi-particles that can be observed in solid state devices.  The primary research focus in the ECE department at Clemson University lies in the field of Solid State Nanoelectronics; thus, the primary emphasis is on semiconductors.  In order to produce real devices, however, we must use metals and insulators/dielectrics in addition to semiconductor materials, so all of these materials must be investigated.  Specifically, both fundamental and applied research at Clemson focuses on materials, processing, devices, physical and electrical characterization, reliability, design, and applications to broad areas of micro and nanoelectronics.  The faculty involved in electronics research in the ECE department bring a wide variety of research experience, and are currently involved in such diverse research areas as dc to high-frequency design, nanometer scale devices and materials, processing and characterization of thin film high-k dielectric materials such as Hafnium oxide, organic electronic materials and devices often based on polymers, carbon nanotubes, solar energy devices, low and high power electronics, bioelectronics, vehicular electronics, optoelectronics and display technologies.  Interdisciplinary research between the ECE department and other departments, such as Physics and Astronomy, Bioengineering, Materials Science, and Chemistry, is very common, providing faculty and students with a broad range of experience in all aspects of Solid State Nanoelectronics.