Electronics Research Group

Holcombe Department of
Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Microstructures Lab (Clean Room)

A 2000 sq ft class 100 cleanroom, equipped with photolithography, mask making, metal deposition, film thickness and other measurement equipment. Scribing, bonding, ovens and other small process equipment are available.UHV MOCVD and MBE equipment is housed in the rooms adjacent to the cleanroom.


Microelectronics Characterization Lab

Measurement equipment including an I-V and C-V probe station, a 4-point probe resistivity station, cryostat and DLTS system.

Integrated Circuit Design Lab

Equipped with 11 PC’s running PC Spice (full version) and 8 Sun Solaris workstations running Mentor Graphics CAD tools and Berkeley 3f5 Spice.

Electronics Systems Lab

Analog system design equipemts such as Oscilloscopes, Curve Tracers, Radio Spectrum Analyzers, Arbitary Waveform Generator, PIC programmer and PCs running OrCAD Design Suite.

Electronics Research Labs

Various equipments and systems used for basic experiemnts. Ovens, work benches and fume hoods.

Semiconductor Process Lab (Clean Room in Rhodes Hall)

Rapid Photothermal Processing (RPTP) equipment for deposition of high and low-k dielectric materials is located in the 1500 sq foot cleanroom in Rhodes Hall.

Sub Fab

Houses the Spin coater, ovens, CMP equipments etc.