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October 2010. Photovoltaics World magazine names Dr. Rajendra Singh as a "Champion of Photovoltaics" for his contribution in the progress of PV technology. Dr. Singh, along with eleven other technologists were mentioned in the Photovoltaics World Special Issue, which was pubslished in October 2010. Read More

March 2010. NSF awards Clemson an equipment grant to build a Highly Charged Ion Beamline for interdisciplinary materials research and education. This HCI beamline is based on an Electron Beam Ion Trap (EBIT). Dr. William R. Harrell is a co-investigator on this project along with Dr. C. Sosolik,
Dr. J. Luo, Dr. S. Brittain, and Dr. P. McNulty.

May 2009. KEMET Electronics Corp funds research on "Electrical Characterization of Tantalum Polymer Capacitors" for the third year. Dr. William R. Harrell is the PI on this project.

JAY W. LATHROP (Professor Emeritus at Clemson's ECE department): An Interview Conducted by David Morton, Center for the History of Electrical Engineering, IEEE. Read the interview here.

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