Electronics Research Group

Holcombe Department of
Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Primary Research Interest Areas
Michael A. Bridgwood Electrostatic Discharge, Power Quality, Surge ingress mechanisms and ameliorative strategies in industrial control systems.

E.R. "Randy" Collins Impact of electric power system disturbances on industrial process equipment, power quality, power electronics, electric machines, adjustable speed motor drives, stray voltage, and aging aircraft power and wiring systems.

W. Rod Harrell Organic Electronics: Polymer Devices and Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Composites, Dielectric Characterization and Modeling, Electrical Characterization of Materials and Devices

James E. Harriss VLSI reliability, semiconductor manufacturing, statistical process control, and the design of experiments.

Todd Hubing Electric Energy Conversion and Storage, Automotive Electronics Expert System Modeling Antennas in Automobiles

Kelvin F. Poole Materials, physical electronics and integrated circuit design.

Rajendra Singh Rapid thermal processing, ultra thin gate dielectrics, low and high-k dielectrics, superconductivity,   manufacturing of silicon integrated circuits, solar cells, thermoelectric devices and nanotechnology

Lin Zhu Nanophotonics, High power solid-state and fiber lasers, THz optics

Adjunct Faculty
Yuri Freeman
Director,  Advanced Research, KEMET Electronics Corp
Tantalum Capacitors

Graduate Students
  • Nishant Gupta
  • Githin F. Alapatt
  • Jesse Grant
  • Mahesh Harinath
  • Juan Manuel Marmolejo
  • Ganga Parthasarathi

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