College of Engineering and Science

Web Resources for Engineering & Science Faculty

Having valuable references is extremely important, and the first three Web links listed below have numerous tools and information on how to effectively teach engineering and science. Other site references have source materials and virtual libraries in various disciplines. All are excellent resources as Clemson students and graduates begin their engineering and teaching careers.

American Chemical Society, Education Division

The American Chemical Society is the world’s largest scientific society, and its Web site has numerous educational resources.

Karl Smith — Strategies for Energizing Large Classes

University of Minnesota professor Karl A. Smith has numerous presentations on new ways of teaching and learning on his Web site.

Rich Felder — Resources in Science & Engineering Education

Many times college professors receive no preparation or training before they go into the classroom. Dr. Rich Felder’s Web site provides resources and instructional techniques to help professors be effective.

CIFE, Center for Integrated Facility Engineering

CIFE’s mission is to be the world’s premiere academic research center for Virtual Design and the development of architecture-, engineering- and construction-industry projects.

Intute: Science, Engineering and Technology

A free online service with more than 34,000 records, Intute provides resources for education and research that cover the physical and environmental sciences, engineering, computing, geography and mathematics.

National Engineering Education Delivery System (NEEDS)

NEEDS is a digital database where users can search for, find, download and discuss learning and teaching resources.


This free service’s focus is on engineering, mathematics and computing. It helps find articles, books, Web sites, news, job announcements, technical reports and data, dissertations and more.

WWW Virtual Library Directory

As the oldest catalogue of the Web, the WWW Virtual Library Directory is widely recognized as being among the highest-quality guides to particular sections of the Web.