Clemson researchers receive NSF CAREER awards

Dear Colleagues:

I want to introduce five members of our faculty who have recently received National Science Foundation CAREER Awards. They are all top scholars, teachers and researchers who undoubtedly will help our college continue to grow and move forward.

Clemson’s College of Engineering and Science has gone through many changes in recent years. Changes that have helped the entire faculty, including these NSF CAREER Award winners, be more productive and successful. The most significant change came in 1995 when our college was restructured, combining the engineering and science disciplines to form one uniquely configured college that collaborates on numerous levels of research and teaching. It has been an incredible asset for us all.

The structure has since matured and solidified, and we are seeing the results. In just the last five years, Clemson’s College of Engineering and Science has been transformed.

  • The number of enrolled Ph.D. students is up by nearly 60 percent.
  • Research awards are up by more than 40 percent.
  • Publications have increased by nearly 25 percent.
  • Citations have increased fourfold.

It worked because of our faculty. Whether they are young — like our NSF CAREER Award winners who have joined us during the past couple of years — or if they have spent the majority of their careers at Clemson, nearly all saw the value of collaboration and embraced it. This made for not only an extremely productive faculty, but a happy faculty as well. In November, Clemson was named the Best Place to Work in Academia for the second time in The Scientist magazine’s annual survey of its readers. And in July, Clemson was recognized in The Chronicle of Higher Education’s inaugural report, “2008 Great Colleges to Work For.”

I am very proud of our faculty and all they have accomplished. And, I am proud that our university has created an atmosphere that cultivates such success.


Esin Gulari, Ph.D.
College of Engineering and Science