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May 17-June 22, 2017


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The Clemson Hydrogeology Field Camp is a capstone experience for undergraduate degrees in Geology and graduate students in Hydrogeology or Engineering. The camp is designed to give the student a working knowledge of the methods and concepts of field hydrogeology, and to provide the opportunity to use those methods in several hydrogeologic settings.  The course is led by instructors from Clemson, but other geologists, hydrogeologists, and scientists from other universities and consulting companies lead trips and exercises in their particular expertise.  

The course begins with a review of principles and methods which are reinforced through field exercises on the Clemson campus.  We are in the field every day, unless the weather is severe.  Topics include spatial mapping, well drilling, water quality and sampling, well testing, soil properties, air flow through the vadose zone, hydraulic fracturing, and near surface geophysical methods. Photos and descriptions of these activities are available here. There are field trips that visit different hydrogeologic settings.  One is to the Mammoth Cave area in Kentucky and to a well field near Knoxville, TN.  A variety of trips are made to the Blue Ridge and Piedmont regions near Clemson where the local geology is explored such as the Chattooga River trip. These trips vary from year to year depending on logistics.

Many of the projects involve collaborating with others in a group setting.  This is necessary because some of the methods, like surveying, cannot be done individually.  Also, it is often helpful to work with others while learning a new technique.  Graduate students are required to write several reports during field camp in addition to the assignments given to the undergraduate students.

Hydrogeology Summer Field Camp (GEOL 875 and GEOL 475 –- 6 credit hours) is taught during the first summer session in May and June. GEOL 875 is a graduate level class taught in conjunction with GEOL 475, which undergraduates may take to satisfy their summer geology field course requirement.

This field camp was developed in part with funding from the National Science Foundation, EAR 9876124. We appreciate this support, but neither the field camp nor this website necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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