Manufacturing Visualization Research
Department of Mechanical Engineering



 In Education: To graduate well qualified professional engineers and researchers to support the advancement of manufacturing science.
 In Research:   To acquire, develop, research and disseminate new innovations to visualize the manufacturing physics.

 Current Focus:

  The automotive original equipment manufacturer OEM, production facilities, practices and technologies.

 Current Projects and Innovations:

 - The Machine Thermal Vision Technology: hardware and software development.
 - The Non-Intrusive Inspection and Evaluation of Materials Sub-surface Integrity; metals, polymers(HDPE) &  composites (CFRP).
 - The Thermal Signature Analysis of Vehicles’ Power-Train Sub-assemblies; IC-Engines, HEV, and (PEM) Fuel-Cells.
 - The Quantitative Evaluation of Painted Surfaces’ Attributes, appearance (Orange-peel), integrity (thickness, adhesion).
 - The Automated Product and Process Control; robotic manipulators, vision sensory systems.
 - The Welding and Adhesive Bonding; on-line and off-line monitoring, resistance and Arc-Welding.
 - Built-In quality control systems; Poke-Yokes

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