Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics Series

Spring 2014

Speaker Series Fridays at 4:00PM in 215 Fluor Daniel

2/7 P. Xu “Automated Dynamics Generator for UAV + Arm”
2/14 S. Musunuru "FSNN Diagnostics with Application to Rotating Equipment"
2/21 J. She "Modeling and Analysis of a Tourbillon"
2/28 K. Romero "Trocar Insertion Modeling"
3/7 M. Tonapi "Design, Modeling and Performance Evaluation of a Long and Slim Continuum Robotic Cable"
3/14 B. Sadrfaridpour “UAV Flight Dynamics”
3/28 K. Prateek “Human Perception of Material Break Point”
4/4 W. Tao “Battery Thermal Management Systems”
4/11 V. Ganesh “Update on Biofabrication”
4/18 T. Wang “Experimental Analysis for Engine Cooling Systems”
4/25 R. Haung “UAV Testbed”

Note: Presentations in the Mechatronics Forum should be 20 minutes in length followed by a 5 minute Question & Answer (Q&A) session similar to the American Controls Conference (ACC) procedure.