Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics Series

Fall 2014

Speaker Series Fridays at 4:00PM in 215 Fluor Daniel

9/26 Nianfeng Wan “Probabilistic Estimation of Travel Times in Arterial Streets Using Sparse Transit Bus Data”
10/3 William Tao "A HEV Battery Cooling Control System"
10/10 Thomas Wang "Nonlinear control of a Distributed Radiator Fan Array"
10/24 Adam Spencer "Human Robot Collaborative Guidance & Control for AUV"
11/7 Hamed Saeidi "Human-Aware Tele-Autonomous Control of Robotic Systems"
11/14 Ali Fayazi “Delay Analysis with Application in Estimating the Traffic Signal Phase and Timing”
11/21 Yasha Parvini “Optimal Charging of Ultracapacitors and Batteries”
12/5 Julio Rodriguez “Multi Fuel Thermo Acoustic Generator Heat Pump”

Note: Presentations in the Mechatronics Forum should be 20 minutes in length followed by a 5 minute Question & Answer (Q&A) session similar to the American Controls Conference (ACC) procedure.