Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronics Series

Spring 2015

Speaker Series Fridays at 4:00PM in 215 Fluor Daniel

1/23 Julio Rodriguez “Automotive Driving – Assessment and Analysis of Participants to Evaluate Effectiveness”
1/30 Behazd Sadr “Modeling and Control of Trust in Human Robot Collaborative Manufacturing”
2/6 Thomas Wang “Three Dimensional Visualization in Engineering Education – A Case Study”
2/13 Shervin Shoai Naini “Experimental Testing of Refrigerator Heat and Air Leakages”
2/20 Justin Moylan “Air Compressor Dynamic Behavior – Modeling and Analysis”
2/27 Julio Rodriguez "A Multi-Functional / Multi-Fuel Thermoacoustic Generator / Heat Pump”
3/6 William Tao “A Hybrid Electric Vehicle Thermal Management System”
3/27 Xiaotian “Mutual Trust Based Scheduling in Semi Autonomous Multi Agent Systems”
4/3 Yogendra Yadav “Savonius Wind Turbine – Modeling and Test”
4/10 Mike Fu “Haptic Interface for UAV: Falcon with Three Degrees of Freedom and Adjustable Feedback Gains”
4/17 Dr. Oliver Myers “Flapping Wing UAVs”
4/24 Vitaliy Fedonyuk TBA

Note: Presentations in the Mechatronics Forum should be 20 minutes in length followed by a 5 minute Question & Answer (Q&A) session similar to the American Controls Conference (ACC) procedure.