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02/2015: Dr. Difeng Gao joins the Blenner group as a Postdoctoral Reesarch Fellow. Welcome!

01/2015: Dr. Blenner is awarded an AFOSR Young Investigator Program grant for enzyme engineering.

01/2015: Savannah, Julia, and Joseph join the Blenner group. Welcome!

01/2015: Dr. Blenner presents promoter engineering work at 5th ICBE.

12/2014: Dr. Gabriel Rodriguez joins the Blenner group as a Postdoctoral Reesarch Fellow. Welcome!

11/2014: Dr. Blenner gives invited talk at SC ASM Meeting.

10/2014: Dr. Blenner was awarded DOE- JGI Synthetic Biology grant for consolidated bioprocessing.

08/2014: Dr. Blenner was awarded a SC INBRE Bioinformatics Pilot Project Grant to study protein evolution.

08/2014: Dr. Blenner was awarded NSF Grant to work on dynamic regulation of metabolic pathways.

06/2014: Dr. Blenner receives a grant from ACREC to study microbial conversion of fats to valuable products.

05/2014: In collaboration with Dr. Ian Wheeldon, Dr. Blenner was awarded NSF Grant to work on dicarboxylic acid production in oleaginous yeast.

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As a group that uses protein engineering and synthetic biology, we take a molecular-scale approach to improving bioprocessing. We apply chemical engineering fundamentals along with tools from protein engineering, synthetic biology, molecular biology, microbiology, and biochemistry to address major problems in energy, sustainability, and human heath.

We study how microorganisms sense their environment, how that information is processed, and how it ultimately leads to a change in phenotype. From an engineering standpoint, we are interested in using this information to improve biological synthesis of fuels and chemicals from renewable biomass. Another major interest of our group is developing cell-based biosensors for metabolic engineering, environmental detection, biodiagnostic, and biocatalysis applications.