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Seminar Series

The College of Engineering and Science ADRGS Office hosts a series of seminars and brown bag lunches each semester to discuss various funding agencies and their research needs.  When possible, these presentations are recorded for future reference by College of Engineering and Science Faculty

Fall 2014 

Strategies for Obtaining DOE Funding

Dr. Bond Calloway, Savannah River National Laboratory
Wednesday, September 10th
3:30 pm, Academic Success Center 118

Abstract: In times of constrained Federal budgets, competition for grant funding is at an all-time high.  Navigating the tortuous pathway to successful funding requires strategic vision, partnering, and perseverance.  Casting the correct vision for the proposed research project is critical to the overall success and can only occur when the proposer has a keen understanding of both the technology area and mission space for the funding agency.  While some of this intelligence gathering can occur through review of the open literature and conference activities, an invaluable tool is personal contact with funding agency staff that can be had through pre-solicitation workshops, request for information meetings, and tactical visits to program offices.  These one-on-one interactions can lead to subtle insight into the goals and vision of an agency that printed RFP’s and Technology Roadmaps may not be able to convey.  In addition to casting the right program vision, in these times of constrained federal budgets partnering with the “best” resources is paramount.  Division of labor within the developed program vision amongst the best and brightest ensures the funding agency of the most “bang for their limited bucks.”  Essentially, strategies for obtaining DOE funding can vary from the single principal investigator to the multi-institutional multi-year grant developed through an understanding of the Department of Energy mission space.  Additionally, multi-year strategies that are currently being pursued by the Savannah River National Laboratory to define the DOE mission space will also be discussed.  Strategies that solve a national need and ultimately define the funding agency mission space can lead to a leadership role for the principal investigator.

Finally, if the vision is correct and the partnering is sound, stay the course! Rejection breeds doubt.  Perseverance is crucial to success in the area of successful grant funding; continue to shape the vision, continue to develop partnerships with top talent, but most all continue to develop opportunities even after successful grants are awarded.

Speaker Bio: T. BOND CALLOWAY, JR., is the Associate Laboratory Director, Clean Energy Directorate at Savannah River National Laboratory where he leads a team of scientists and engineers conducting basic and applied research related to renewable and nuclear energy research.  Bond is also responsible for leading the strategic planning and innovation for SRNL.   He has more than 30 years of industrial experience in the research and development, design, construction, and operation of DOE’s nuclear/chemical process systems including both the Defense Waste Processing Facility and the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant. Mr. Calloway has previously been a National Science Foundation invited peer reviewer and has served as an invited proposal reviewer for the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and DOE’s Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy.  Mr. Calloway received the American Institute of Chemical Engineer (AIChE) Herb Epstein and Robert E. Wilson Award for meritorious contributions to AIChE and demonstrated dedication to the chemical engineering profession. He was awarded the 2011 DOE Energy Sustainability (EStar) award for his renewable energy research. Mr. Calloway was elected to the AICHE Board of Directors 2011 – 2013.  He is the author of more than 50 papers on various aspects of nuclear waste and energy research. His research group has won two R&D 100 awards for advanced sensor technology.  He holds a degree in chemical engineering from Auburn University.

Dr. Ken Reifsnider, University of South Carolina, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Robert Harrison , Oak Ridge National Lab

Spring 2014

Wednesday April 9th
Julie Martin – NSF CAREER Proposals
Dr. Martin of the Engineering Science and Education Department presents an overview of developing an NSF Career proposal.  

Thursday, March 13th
Josh Summers – Industrial research funding opportunities
Dr. Summers of the Department of Mechanical Engineering presents an overview of various industries that offer research funding. 
Powerpoint Presentation | Video Presentation

Wednesday, February 12th
Brian Powell – DOE funding opportunities
Dr. Powell of the Department of Environmental and Earth Sciences presents an overview of securing funding from the Department of Energy (DOE)
Powerpoint Presentation | Video Presentation

Wednesday, January 29th
Dan Noneaker – DOD extramural research funding programs
Dr. Noneaker of the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering presents an overview of US Department of Defense (DoD) extramural research funding programs focused on what the DoD designates as "6.1 research" (basic research). Topics include programs from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Army Research Office, and the Office of Naval Research; multiple-service programs from the Office of the Secretary of Defense; and other DoD basic research programs.
Powerpoint Presentation | Video Presentation

Friday January 24th
Hartness International Representatives - the challenges in the assembly of production systems
Representatives from Hartness International discuss the challenges of assembly production systems and the history and future of manufacturing.
Power Point Presentation | Video Presentation | Question & Answer Session


NSF Proposal Development
Several faculty and staff present an overview of the NSF proposal development process

NIH Proposal Development
Multiple Presentations offer an overview of the National Institute of Health (NIH)

New Faculty Brown Bag Lunches

All faculty are invited to attend these brown bag seminars.  Each Wednesday seminar will be held in 100A Riggs hall from 12 - 1pm.

August 27th
Dr. Arlene Stewart
Student Disability Services

September 3rd
Dr. Sheila Lishwe
Info Ed/Office of Sponsored Programs

September 10th
Ms. Stella Garber
Tenure, Promotion, Reappointment Procedures

September 17th
Dr. Sue Whorton
Academic Success Center Services

September 24th
Dr. Cindy Lee
Faculty Activity System

October 15th
Ms. Jan Comfort

October 22nd
Dr. Barr von Oeshsen

November 12th
Dr. Beth Stephan, Ms. Jessica Creel
Advising Center and General Engineering Program

November 19th
Dr. Jeff Appling
Undergraduate Studies

December 10th
Dr. John Gowdy, Dr. Randy Collins
ABET, SACS, curriculum, governance & assessment