Residents in Science and Engineering (RiSE) Program

Contact Information

For general inquiries concerning the RiSE program you may contact one of the staff members below or call us at 864-656-2541. We are located on the first floor of Lever Hall. 
Aubrey C. Baldwin
RiSE Director

Professor Matt Miller 
General Engineering, RiSE Faculty Director

Dr. Sarah Grigg
General Engineering, RiSE Faculty Fellow

Dr. Will Martin
General Engineering, RiSE Faculty Fellow

Dr. Christopher Norfolk
Lecturer of Chemical & General Engineering, RiSE Faculty Fellow

Dr. Brad Putman
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering & RiSE Faculty Fellow

Chris Sarricchio 
Graduate Assistant for First Year Experience 

Madeline Anderson 
Graduate Assistant for Residential Learning  

Advising Staff (Located in Lever Hall) 

Jessica R. Pelfrey
Director of Academic Advising 


Erica Harper 
Academic Advisor & Developmental Programing 

Rob Massey
Academic Advisor & Bridge Coordinator

Meredith Wilson
Study Abroad Advisor