Residents in Science and Engineering (RiSE) Program

RiSE Benefits & Programs

Academic Resources 

In-Hall Tutoring

RiSE supports the academic transition of first-year engineering and science students through in-hall tutoring. Tutoring services are provided in Lever on Sundays through Thursdays from 6:30 – 10 p.m. RiSE tutors are upperclassmen students in the College of Engineering and Science who have displayed academic success and are committed to helping their peers achieve. Tutors focus on courses known to provide most difficulty to students, such as Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics, but will endeavor to assist students in any courses where they need help. The tutors also host special exam study sessions throughout the semester.  

Special RiSE Class Sections

Most students participating in RiSE will be clustered  into their introductory chemistry and engineering courses together (Chemistry 1010 and ENGR 1050-1090). This insures that RiSE residents will attend some of the same sections of classes together during first semester. As a result, students are able to easily form study groups and have friends within their classes. In students have the opportunity to take the ENGR 1020 class in classroom space located within Lever Hall. 

In the Fall of 2014 RiSE will introduce a special course exclusively for RiSE students: CES 1990 "Looking Behind the Numbers: How research can be used and misused to influence public policy." This course will challenge students to develop critical thinking skills needed to be successful professionals. 

In-Hall Advising

The College of Engineering and Science (CES) Academic Advising Center will be located in Lever Hall. RiSE is among first living-learning communities (LLCs) to include a comprehensive advising center as part of students LLC experience. The inclusion of the CES Academic Advising Center will enhance the RiSE experience and bring RiSE students closer to their academic advisors. Advisors offices will be located on the first floor of Lever, students in General Engineering and Chemistry will receive advising in Lever Hall. 

Global Scholars Initiative

RiSE is committed to preparing our students to be global citizens and professionals. Through a series of workshops, programs, and scholarships we prepare our students for study abroad experiences and international professional experiences. 

Professional Development Programing 

RiSE Faculty Director

The RiSE Faculty Director is an active faculty member with the College of Engineering and Science who works with RiSE community directly. They coordinate monthly engineering and science learning experiences for student in order to facilitate learning beyond the classroom. In addition they will hold office hours in Lever Hall and will participate in programs sponsored by RiSE. 

RiSE Faculty Fellows

Beginning Fall 2014, 2 faculty members will be running 6 Creative Inquiry teams exclusively for RiSE students. Creative Inquiry teams are groups of 10 students working closely with a faculty member to pursue research interests. Students will have the opportunity to build models and display their research. 

Industry Tours and Dinners

RiSE sponsors a series of dinners for students to connect with leaders of industry, faculty, alumni, and upperclassmen throughout the 10 engineering disciplines and sciences offered within our college. In addition through faculty partnerships industry tours will be organized to connect students to upstate industries and professionals. The goal of these programs are to expose students to the professional lives of engineers and assist them in selecting their majors. 

Leadership Learning

Through a partnership with the Catalyst Leadership Institute and a series of outdoor adventure programs RiSE students leadership skills are developed. Equiping students to be leaders on campus, in their communities, and in their future professional pursuits.