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Screening of energy documentary SWITCH

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SWITCH Screening at Clemson University, March 1, 2:30 P.M. Brackett Hall Auditorium

The department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Science (EEES) at Clemson University will join more than a dozen college campuses in North Carolina and South Carolina in a free screening of SWITCH in (belated) observance of National Engineers Week February 17-23, providing a wide-ranging, objective and pragmatic look at the complete spectrum of energy generation, including nuclear, fossil-fueled and renewable resources. SWITCH will also be presented at: Asheville-Buncombe Technical College, Elon University, Furman University, Methodist University, Midlands Technical College, North Carolina State University, UNC Asheville, UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, the University of South Carolina and York Technical College. The Carolinas have been building a national and multi-national energy reputation for the past several years, emerging as a center of nuclear energy knowledge and expertise, innovative smart grid industrial clusters, biomass expertise, craft-level workforce training and university energy research. "SWITCH offers a smart, objective look at diverse energy sources and delivers an excellent jumping-off point for constructive dialog about energy." says Scott Carlberg, president, E4 Carolinas.

Sponsored by E4 Carolinas, directed by Arcos Films and Harry Lynch and co-produced and narrated by Dr. Scott Tinker, the free screenings provide the public an opportunity to see concise assessments of the energy technologies’ attributes and challenges. Following each showing, a panel of energy professionals will discuss with the audience the energy industry in the Carolinas.

The documentary explores the world’s leading energy sites, including some that are highly restricted and never before seen on film. Tinker aims to provide straight answers from the people driving energy today -- international leaders of government, industry and academia – and to cut through the confusion to create a common understanding of what the energy future holds. "SWITCH is also about switching from a polarized, unproductive energy conversation, and focusing instead on practical realities and encouraging a balanced understanding. In changing the way we produce, deliver and use energy, we can realize many additional economic and environmental benefits," says Tinker, director of the Bureau of Economic Geology, the state geologist of Texas, and the acting associate dean for research at the Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin.
Local Showing Set for Friday, March 1st in Brackett Auditorium
Make plans now to attend a free screening of SWITCH, a comprehensive and challenging look at our nation's energy future by acclaimed independent film makers ARCOS on Friday, Mar. 1 at the Brackett Auditorium at Clemson University.You can watch the trailer at SWITCHENERGYPROJECT.COM

Guests will enjoy the film at 2:30 PM and a follow-up panel discussion moderated by Lindsay Shuller-Nickles, Assistant Professor in EEES. Panelists at the EEES event will include experts in areas including biofuels, wind energy, nuclear energy, solar energy, and C-sequestration.

About E4 Carolinas
E4 Carolinas is a not-for-profit corporation that convenes industry, research and educational institutions, innovators, economic development organizations, and public leaders to coordinate the energy industry cluster in the Carolinas. “E4” stands for energy, economy, environment and efficiency reflecting the organizations focus on innovation, effective energy policies, and a growing energy workforce in the Carolinas.

About the documentary
SWITCH was filmed in 11 countries at 27 energy sites, ranging from the Evanger Hydropwer Plant in Norway to La Hague's nuclear recycling center in Normandy, France, the Andasol concentrating solar station in Granada, Spain, and the Belle Ayr Coal Mine in Wyoming. It includes 53 expert interviews, 24 renewable energy specialists, 19 fossil energy specialists, 11 plant managers for all energy types, 10 of the world's leading energy experts in government and academia, nine CEOs of international energy companies -- fossil and renewable. SWITCH took two years to shoot and more than one year to edit.