College of Engineering and Science

National Science Foundation Program Director to Present Seminar

OCTOBER 29 5 P.M. Earle Hall 100

Title: Energy Challenges Facing the Nation and NSF Opportunities to Address Them
Speaker: Dr. Paul Werbos, NSF Program Director

Abstract: This talk discusses how NSF-funded research can have big impacts as part of a larger world effort to address two grand challenges:(1) How can the OECD become totally independent forever from the need to use fossil oil at the soonest time, at minimum cost?; (2) How can the entire world become able to meet its electricity needs from >80% renewable sources at <= 10 cents per kwh total cost to the consumer with maximum probability at soonest time? Special funding opportunities and success rates will also be discussed, such as the EPAS program, whose submission window is now Oct. 1 - Nov. 1 every year.

Bio: Dr. Paul Werbos has responsibility for the following Core ECCS areas at NSF: Adaptive and Intelligent Systems (AIS), Quantum systems and device modeling (QMHP), and systems-level power grids (GRID). Use of these acronyms in a proposal title would encourage NSF to handle them in the panels for those areas. He also handles the EFRI 2008 topic in Cognitive Optimization and Prediction (engineering-neuroscience collaboration to reverse engineer intelligence). Dr. Werbos has led a variety of other areas, such as fuel cell and electric vehicles, emerging technologies, cyber systems and the sustainability part of IDR since he started at NSF in 1988. He is a Fellow of IEEE and INNS, a winner of the IEEE Neural Networks Pioneer Award and winner of the Hebb Award for 2011 from the International Neural Network Society (INNS). The Hebb Award is INNS’s highest award, to honor substantive contributions to the understanding of biological learning systems. More -