College of Engineering and Science

Engineering Humanities & Social Sciences Policy: 2004-05 & Earlier

Engineers must be aware of their responsibilities to society and able to consider societal factors in the decision-making process. Thus, courses in the humanities and social sciences are an integral part of their education. While many humanities/social science courses may be of interest and value, the objectives of the profession require that the student achieve some depth in one or two areas rather than take a collection of unrelated, introductory courses.

Students must earn a minimum of 15 credits in the humanities and social sciences. These courses must be selected so as to satisfy the university General Education policy on humanities and social sciences. Thus, the courses chosen must satisfy all of the following criteria (section numbers reference the General Education policy in the 2004-05 Undergraduate Announcements):

1. Humanities (Hum) - six credits of General Education courses, which must include:
a) Literature - three credits: 200-level ENGL literature or 300/400 level foreign language literature selected from General Education Section E.1*.
b) Three credits selected from General Education courses in Section E.2*.

2. Social Sciences (SS) - six credits of General Education courses selected from Section F*.

3. Three additional Hum/SS credits selected from Sections E or F*, or from the following additional choices:
AAH 102
REL - 302, 308,309,310
Any foreign language course (including 100-level classes) other than courses in a person’s native language.

4. To provide depth, the courses chosen must contain either
a) nine credit hours in a single subject area or
b) six credit hours in each of two different subjects.

Individual engineering curricula may have more specific requirements (e.g., an economics course or a second literature may be required), or may require more than 15 hours of humanistic/social science courses. Students should consult the Clemson University Undergraduate Announcements and their academic advisors for guidance.

* See General Education Policy in 2004-05 Clemson University Undergraduate Announcements.