College of Engineering and Science

Humanities and Social Sciences for Engineering Curricula

(Revised 02/10)

To provide future engineers with the ability to practice their profession in the context of societal needs and demands, all engineering curricula 2009-2010 and earlier include a minimum of 15 credits designed to satisfy the University's General Education policy on humanities and social science as well as specific program objectives. Individual engineering curricula may require more than 15 hours of humanities/social science courses, and may have program-specific requirements. Students should consult the Undergraduate Announcements and their academic advisor.

The applicable Humanities and Social Sciences requirements depend on curriculum year (catalog year containing the curriculum). The policy for Curriculum Years 2005-06 and later applies to all students who are on curricula years 0506 and later. A student’s Degree Progress Report (DPR) shows the curriculum year that they are following.

H&SS Policy for Curriculum Years 2005-06 and later

H&SS Policy for Curriculum Years 2004-05 and earlier

Beginning with the 2010-11 curriculum year, the College Policy has been eliminated and each individual engineering degree program has its own requirement.  Please consult the catalog for the policy.