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Contact Information

  The following Clemson faculty have agreed to serve as contacts for students who would like to talk with someone in person about ways to improve their study skills.  These contacts are arranged by their College affiliation, and within Colleges by their departments.  You simply need to scroll down through the list to find someone in your area of interest and then click on their e-mail address.  An e-mail message box will appear.  You can then send that person a message introducing yourself and asking to arrange a meeting.  It's that simple, so don't be shy!

College of Agriculture, Forestry, & Life Sciences
Kandy Kahl Ag. & Applied Econ.
Carol Adams Anim. & Vet. Sciences
Elaine Richardson Anim. & Vet. Sciences
Michelle "Mickey" Hall Anim. & Vet. Sciences
John Cummings Biol. Instr. & Ag. Ed.
Steve Flagg Biol. Instr. & Ag. Ed.
Bob Kosinski Biol. Instr. & Ag. Ed.
Chris Minor Biol. Instr. & Ag. Ed.
Ken Revis-Wagner Biol. Instr. & Ag. Ed.
Marriette Rupert Biol. Instr. & Ag. Ed.
Denny Smith Biol. Instr. & Ag. Ed.
Jerry Waldvogel Biol. Instr. & Ag. Ed.
Tom McInnis Biological Sciences
Doyce Graham Crop & Soil Env. Sci.
Bill Stringer Crop & Soil Env. Sci.
Nancy Walker Crop & Soil Env. Sci.
Mary Haque Horticulture
LeRoy Doar Packaging Science
College of Architecture, Arts, & Humanities
Mark Charney English
Juana Green English
Bernadette Longo English
Lee Morrissey English
Lucy Rollin English
Paul Anderson History
Clementina Adams Languages
Carmen Chávez Languages
Carlos Coria-Sanchez Languages
Helene Riley Languages
Johannes Schmidt Languages
Kelly Smith Philosophy & Religion
Daniel Wueste Philosophy & Religion
Nancy Jackson
Speech & Communications
College of Health, Education, & Human Development
Harold Cheatham Dean, HEHD
Lucy Jackson Bayles Education
Gail Delicio Education
Shelley White Fones Education
Pam Havice Education
Antonis Katsiyannis Education
Emma Owens Education
David Weatherford Education
Deborah Thomason Family & Young Devel.
Portia Botchway Nursing
Lynette Gibson Nursing
Linda Howe Nursing
Arlene Privette Nursing
Rosanne Pruitt Nursing
Mary Thorson Nursing
Cory Chambers Public Health
Cheryl Rainey Public Health
Chuck Linnell
Tech. & Hum. Res. Devel.
College of Engineering & Sciences
Dev Arya Chemistry
Serji Amirkhanian Civil Engineering
Carl Baum
Elec. & Comp. Engineering
Lois Breur Krause Geological Sciences
Mathew Everhardt Mathematical Sciences
Shari Prevost Mathematical Sciences
College of Business & Public Affairs
Mary Ann Prater
Account. & Legal Studies
Mike Coggeshall Anthropology
Jan Murdoch
BPA Undergrad. Programs
Lee Weir
Graphic Communications
Larry LaForge Management
Wayne Patterson Management
Melody Wollan Management
Patti Connor-Greene Psychology
Cindy Pury Psychology
Chris Colthorpe Library Sciences
Jan Comfort Library Sciences
Camille Cooper Library Sciences
Lois Sill Library Sciences
Patrice Noel Office of Undergrad. Studies


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