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  The following links will connect you to other web sites that are somehow related to improved academic success in college.  Several are commercial sites that charge a fee for their services, others are free sites that you can use at no cost.  Still others are individual faculty web pages that contain useful information about study skills.  Many more sites can be found by using your web browser to search for such topics as “speed reading” or “time management”.  We will be regularly updating this section of our web site as we find additional sites of interest, so check back periodically to see what’s new!

DISCLAIMER:  The listing of a personal or commercial web site in no way implies any official endorsement of that site by Clemson University or the author of the College Survival Skills web site.  These links are meant only as references for further exploration.



University Survival Skills Course

Clemson University offers a course called CU 101 (University Survival Skills) that introduces you to many of the issues associated with developing good study habits and succeeding in college. The course is currently available only to freshmen and first-semester transfer students. Click on the link below to see the course catalog description.

If you want more detail about the topics covered in CU 101, you can find an example syllabus and other materials for this course by clicking on the link below.



Ask-a-Tiger Network

  The Clemson Alumni Association has a valuable student resource called the Ask-a-Tiger Network.  This is an online list of alumni who are waiting to help Clemson students choose a major, select appropriate coursework, find an internship, or even get a job!  By logging onto the site below and using the password alumnitiger, you can search names, email addresses and phone numbers of Clemson alumni who have the answers that you seek.  You might even find a speaker for your next student organization or club meeting.  Check out the network at:



Learning Styles Assessment

  Are you an intuitive, rational, creative, or technically inclined person? These characteristics determine your personal learning style, and can strongly influence your ability to learn. A very useful exercise is to determine your own personal learning style, and to see how this compares with the teaching styles of your instructors. Many surveys are available for this type of assessment, but one faculty member at North Carolina State University has made a simple learning styles questionnaire available for free on the web. Click on the link below to access his questionnaire. After you finish answering the questions, don't forget to read the "descriptions of learning styles" that follows to get an explanation of your assessment!

  Clemson University's Office of Teaching Enhancement and Innovation (OTEI) maintains a web page with links to valuable web resources related to learning styles assessment. To access the OTEI web site, click on the link below. Click on "websites for instructors" and then select the "learning styles" option. You can then link to whichever site you care to explore.



General Study Skills Enhancement   

  Many other websites exist with good information about how to improve all aspects of your college survival skills.  The University of Chicago maintains something called "The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection", which is a listing of such websites.  Click on the link below to access this large collection of important study skills and personal maintenance information:

  Sylvan Learning Centers has a commercial site that can provide help with all areas of study skills. For a fee you can develop a personalized program with one of their instructors that will address many different facets of studying effectively. Click on the link below to access their site.

  Additional tips on how to be (or not to be!) a more successful college student can be found by clicking on the following links:,1004,1007,FF.html



Exam Preparation

  If you plan to go on to either graduate or professional school, chances are that you will have to take a standardized exam such as the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc. One company that has a long record of helping people prepare successfully for these exams is Kaplan. In addition to courses on how to prepare for professional exams, for a fee they can also help you improve your overall examination skills. Click on the link below to access their site.



Writing Tips

  Writing well is a very useful skill to develop for success in your college courses.  A history professor at NC State University has posted some excellent tips on the web for how to be a better writer.  While this information has a distinct history slant to it, there is still good information at this site for all type of writing.  Check out his material at:



Memory Improvement

  Much of learning involves effective memory skills. There are many web sites (mostly commercial) that offer ideas and products for memory improvement ranging from time-tested organizational methods to self-hypnosis, Zen, and herbal supplements. One site, called Total Recall, offers PC-based computer software that has worked well for many people. To check out this product, click on the link below.

You can also find lots of references to books on memory improvement by visiting the following booksellers.



Time Management

  Many business-oriented programs are available on the web that offer fee-based seminars or home study courses with tips on how to successfully manage your time. The links for two examples of such programs are listed below.

There are also many books available on personal time management. Search the on-line bookstores listed below to find examples.



Science & Engineering Courses

  Science courses can be very challenging for new college students, especially non-science majors.  Biology professor Mario Caprio at Volunteer State Community College in Tennessee has some useful information about how to study science on his course website.  Check out his site by clicking on the link below, and once you're there, select the buttons labeled Studying Science and Exams.

  An electrical engineering professor at Cal Poly has a web page with useful general and specific information about how to succeed in college science courses.  Check out his material at:



Clemson Faculty Web Pages

  Some instructors at Clemson University have posted information about how to improve your study skills on their course web sites. Below are the names of some of these faculty, along with links to their specific study skills information.

  • Victoria Gentry Ridgeway (Education)
(look for handouts associated with the Study Skills jigsaw assignment)

  • Shari Prevost (Math)

  • Matthew Saltzman (Math)


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