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General Study Habits

Study Often and Early

  The typical first-year student’s schedule includes 4–6 classes totaling 12–16 credit hours. Usually one or more of these is an introductory-level course such as biology, math, chemistry, or english. As you may have already discovered, the coursework that accompanies this kind of class schedule is demanding. Moreover, due to the constraints of college schedules, there will be many weeks in a semester where more than one course will have exams, papers, or other assignments due at the same time.

  It is therefore essential that you stay ahead of your classes by studying often and early. If possible, study ahead of the lecture schedule during the early part of the semester to ease the load on yourself during midterms and the final weeks of each term. Getting ahead of your studies and staying there is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself in college!


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