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General Study Habits

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  • Your instructor’s office hours are a great way to get help with problems. Office hours are notoriously underused by students. This is unfortunate, since the lecture professors and lab instructors know the material well and have a vested interest in helping you understand that material better. Taking advantage of office hours is also a good way to build a personal relationship with your instructors, which makes learning more fun.
  •   Many professors provide lecture outlines, study objectives, problem sets, and practice exams as part of their course handouts. These materials are designed to help you organize and learn the material being presented in class. You should utilize them as much as possible.
  • The internet is a great resource for information about course topics. Learn to use it in conjunction with textbooks and other course materials.
  • Consider taking a course at Clemson called CU 101, otherwise known as "university success skills". This one semester course explores many aspects of college life and academic skills that are key to making the most of your university experience.
  • Some professors offer one or more review sessions prior to each exam. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to ask questions about material that is not clear to you after studying your notes or other course materials.


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