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Step three: Evaluate each choice critically before selecting the best answer.

  Uncover the answers and read each one carefully, evaluating the correctness of each as you go. It is useful to actually put a T or F next to each number to indicate whether the answer is true or false. Doing this shows us that answer 4 is false, and thus the correct choice.

  [Cell A] is a roughly [spherical] animal cell with a [radius of 10 microns]. [Cell B] is also roughly [spherical] and has a [radius of 20 microns]. Which of the following statements about these two cells is [false]?

  1. [T] Cell A has a smaller volume than cell B.
  2. [T] Cell B has a larger surface area than cell A.
  3. [T] Cell A has a larger surface area–to-volume ratio than does cell B.
  4. [F] Cell B has a larger surface area–to-volume ratio than does cell A.


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